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 Password Memory 2010

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MesazhTitulli: Password Memory 2010   Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:00 am

Invisible released latest version of Password Memory 2010. If you forget your passwords easily then ”Password Manager 2010”is an application for you. Read Nfo for installation instructions.


Do you want to safely encrypt and store all your passwords and be able to locate and use them in a flash? Password Memory 2010 is the product you are looking for!

[Image: a06adca7.jpg]


* Get all your password and login details secured in no time

* Remember only one password from now on

* Generate passwords automatically and make sure they are safe using the safe meter

* Helps you enforce a good password policy with expiring password and no password re-use

* Bring your password database with you and run Password Memory from a USB memory stick

* Easy and secure logins

Release name: Password.Memory.2010.v3.0.3.220-iNViSiBLE

Size: 8.76 mb

Download Link:

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Password Memory 2010
Shiko temën e mëparshme Shiko temën pasuese Mbrapsht në krye 
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